Glad Tidings Bible School

Here at Glad Tidings Pastors Vince and Jodiann Schott have been re-digging the old wells at Glad Tidings and one of those wells is the Bible school. 

At the Bible school we believe in the power of impartation and information. So when you sign up for the bible school it is completely free and you will get lots of free knowledge from some of the best teachers around the world. From Pastors Vince and Jodiann Schott, Pastor Kayy Gordon to New Teachers Pastor Derron Calvin and Apostle of Prayer Dr. Larry Lea. These greats are all doing it for free so we would encourage you if you feel encouraged to give a donation as a gratitude of praise to this amazing blessing of a ministry. If you would like to watch click the facebook button at the top of the page for a link to our livestream Mondays @ 7pm.

Check back here frequently for material that may be posted from out teachers as well as any other updates we may have posted.

3456 Fraser St

Vancouver BC

V5V 4C4

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Opening Hours:

Monday- Friday: 9am - 5pm

​​  Saturday: Closed​

Sunday: 9:30am - 12:30pm