Glad Tidings Staff

Senior Pastors


Senior Pastor Vince Schott 

     The Pastors have given their entire lives to building the house of the Lord.

Associate Pastors | Worship Pastors | Amazing Grace Christian Fellowship


Pastor David & Angela Zhou

     It is incredible to witness the timeless connection between Glad Tidings and Amazing Grace. It is our blessing and our passion to serve this wonderful house of God.

Pastor Jodiann Schott &
The Children's Ministry Team

Children's Ministry 


Executive Pastor

Jodiann Schott


World Missions Pastor

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Pastor Kayy Gordon

     Worshipping Jesus and reaching the lost at any cost has always been the heartbeat of Glad Tidings. May this vision continue in our hearts and lives today.

Tech Director | Youth Directors


Joshua & Regine Enns


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Edward Cai

Administrative Assistant

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Lorna Webb


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Lyndon Price