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     Here at Glad Tidings Church Vancouver we have a rich history. Below are just some of the roots that this house sprung out of:

     In 1930 Glad Tidings Church was founded by F. R. Maddaford (a former Vancouver policeman). Glad Tidings has served in Vancouver for nine decades at three different locations. In 1930, Pastor Maddaford and the GT congregation dedicated what was known then as Glad Tidings Mission on 148 West Cordova Street.


     The church moved to the former YMCA facility on the corner of Cambie and Dunsmuir streets in the fall of 1946. During the pastorate of Reg Layzell from 1948 – 1970, GT became internationally known and sent many missionaries across the globe.


     It was under Pastor Layzell’s leadership that the church moved to its present location, 3456 Fraser Street in September 1963. In 1983, the church built a new sanctuary seating 1,900. That sanctuary remains the home of the congregation today. Many great ministries have been birthed out of Glad Tidings including Worship Invasion and the birth of many churches across Uganda and the Canadian Arctic.


     Pastors Vince and Jodiann Schott are the current Senior Pastors of the Glad Tidings.

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